AGM 2021

It has been 8 years since the incorporation of South Shuswap Health Services Society.  We thank all who have contributed to the journey we travelled to reach where we are today. Physician and Health Professional recruitment continues to be a focus of SSHSS. SSHSS also promotes Healthy Built Communities that allow people to age in place and live a healthy life!

We are one of many grass roots community driven by not-for-profit Societies in British Columbia who are actively recruiting health care professionals and striving for improvement for health care for our communities.

The last year has been a very eventful year, accomplishing the steps to move us closer to our dream of having a full-time physician and then settling into a time of reflection, deciding on the next steps we will take. We were given the opportunity to participate in the Rural Locum Program which supports physicians on a rotational basis in the clinic.  Dr. Beech’s plans to practice up to three days a week were put on hold when he was forced into retirement for health reasons. Unfortunately, this put a hold on the rural locum program. Efforts to recruit a physician are on going.

We did have physicians in the clinic from March to June. There certainly is a need in our communities and we look forward to once again having a physician in the clinic.

The positive side of our process was the setup and development of a medical clinic with two functioning offices and our own billing number. We are “Doctor Ready”. This did cost money and created ongoing commitments. 

The expansion to a larger facility with committed allied services nearly became a reality. A great team worked hard on planning and submitting a grant application for funds to build a new health and wellness centre. Preliminary planning was funded through BC Community Health Services Association.   Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our application for capital funding and once again our plans are on hold.

Life Labs continues to provide mobile lab services to the community. This is a much-needed essential service.  Volunteers continue to work hard ensuring Lab Services are available to you in your community.  The need for additional mobile lab services, especially during the pandemic is becoming more evident each week. We are awaiting word on an expansion to 3 days a week.  Lab days are often prebooked 3 to 4 days in advance.

We were successful in our grant application to New Horizons, to expand training of volunteers, purchase equipment, and deliver support programs to the communities. Stay tuned for programs and events!

We continue to offer Seniors Support Services, Foot Care and Dental Hygiene and participate in activities that help build healthy communities.  Infrastructure that supports the needs of our growing and changing community are key to the quality of life we experience in our communities.

Community participation and support is key to continuing to provide essential services.

 SSHSS does not receive funds to run the CIHWC from any government source or Life Labs. They are totally reliant on the support of the community. Your participation as a board member or volunteer is very essential to SSHSS.  Become a member, donate, volunteer!  You can purchase a 2022 membership online at or stop by the Centre on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  It takes approximately 40 family memberships to cover the monthly overhead at the Centre.  This means we need 480 families from our communities to become members.  We can do this with your help.  Spread the word!!

I must thank the board members and volunteers who work long hours, managing and manning CIHWC. We encourage all to use the services, volunteer and support our activities so we can “Bring Health Care Closer to Home” “Help Us Help You”


Sue McCrae



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