Age Friendly Communities

AGE FRIENDLY REPORT – click to download

Age-friendly communities have many characteristics in common. Look around your community and use the following features checklist to see how age-friendly it is and where there could be improvements.

 1. Outdoor Spaces & Buildings

Does the natural and built environment help older persons get around easily and safely in the community and encourage active community participation?

2. Transportation

Can older persons travel wherever they want to go in the community, conveniently and safely?

3. Housing

Do older persons have housing that is safe and affordable and which allows them to stay independent as their needs change?

4. Social Participation

Do seniors have opportunities for developing and maintaining meaningful social networks in their neighbourhoods? Are the needs and preferences of seniors considered in planning by a diverse range of agencies and institutions?

5. Respect & Social Inclusion

Are public services, media, commercial services, faith communities and civil society respectful of the diversity of needs among seniors and willing to accommodate seniors in all aspects of society?

6. Civic Participation & Employment

Do older persons have opportunities to participate in community decision making? Do older persons have opportunities to contribute their experience and skills to the community in paid or unpaid work?

7. Communication & Information

Are seniors aware of programs and services available within their community? Is information readily available, appropriately designed and delivered to meet the needs of seniors?

8. Community Support & Health Services

Do older persons have access to social and health services they need to stay healthy and independent?

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