Resource Name: Lupus
Short Description: Lupus Society

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks any organ of the body in unpredictable ways. Diagnosis is difficult because symptoms can vary widely between individuals. Early diagnosis is difficult but essential in preventing organ failure.

Providing resource information and peer support, on-going communication and information sharing.
By partnering with St. Paul’s Hospital Lupus Clinic, initial treatment recommendations are available for newly diagnosed. For those who have lupus that is difficult to manage, consultative services are also available.

Responding to requests for information by members and health care professionals.

Assisting with the development of educational materials, as needed for Outreach programs.

Liaising with physicians, specialists and other health care professionals to develop an information network.

Sustaining a network of 33 provincial contacts and 8 support groups across the province.

Call the number for more information or visit the web site.

City: Vernon
Province: BC
Phone Number: 1-866-585-8787
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